T-11 Days and counting…

[Photo taken at the summit of Mt Kinabalu, Borneo. 2012]

11 days. 11 until DHSZ breaks up for the summer, and students and staff alike are free to escape, enjoy, and have some time off. HOW?! The goodbyes have begun, and the stress and panic of packing is well underway, for all of us. Goodbyes are weird. Like, this could be the last time you’ll ever be in the presence of this person again, someone who you’ve (probably) been so close to, and spent most of your time with for the past year. With Facebook and other social media platforms now, you’ll still always know what’s going on with them, where they’ve been, probably their big life events shortly after they happen. But maybe never go for a cuppa, a catch up, and just a chill with each other to bitch about the things we need to bitch about. That’s crazy.

I remember when we all went off to uni and went our separate ways back in 2009, everyone was Continue reading