Circus: 31st May Prompt


  1. a travelling company of acrobats, trained animals, and clowns that gives performances, typically in a large tent, in a series of different places.

  2. British (in place names) a rounded open space in a city where several streets converge

A Circus makes me think of chaos. It definitely doesn’t fill me with childhood excitement, or remind me of the smell of popcorn or the stickiness of cotton candy (I am ashamed that that came into my head before candy-floss. Oh America, you’re taking over my brain and I’ve never even graced your shores…).

To my knowledge, I have only ever been to one circus in all my 22 (soon to be 23) years. A Chinese Circus that came to Rhyl Pavilion when I was younger and left me in awe of their talents, with a green plastic spinning plate to practice with at home. As family and friends know, and it really is more common than once expected, I’m not a fan of clowns to say the absolute least. The only clown I can really stomach is IT. Make sense? No. Hell no, he’s notoriously one of the most terrifying clowns in
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