Blank: 30th May Prompt

I am going to attempt to follow the WordPress: Prompt-a-day tag where each morning (unfortunately American time) they publish a new word which the bloggers of the WordPress world are challenged to write a blog post inspired by that word. Yesterday, Monday 30th May, the word was Blank. As I stated, they are released as the American population awaken from their slumber, so being on China time here, I will be doing completing these for the previous day’s word.


  1. (of a surface or background) unrelieved by decorative or other features; bare, empty, or plain.
  2. showing incomprehension or no reaction.

Blank. Blank makes you, by definition; think of emptiness, of something that is missing or lacking. Blankness can be one of the most intimidating things. For writers; a blank word document or notebook page. For Artists; a blank canvas or sketchbook. For office workers; a blank email or form. For tattooists: a blank stretch of skin. For Photographers; a blank roll of film or a memory card. For Travellers; a blank page on the calendar… I must admit. I struggle with all of the above. I may not be an established writer, artist, office worker, tattooist, photographer or traveller. But we all struggle with filling in the blanks of
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