It’s over. Time to start…

So, I’m going to be quite quiet on the Blog front for a few weeks. I’m going to try and do mini updates every now and again, but they’re just going to be from my phone, so nothing fancy.

I’m currently sat under the strongest wind blowing machines I’ve ever experienced in Shanghai PVG airport. It’s almost 6am, and we were picked up at 1am. So it’s already been a long day, and it’s not going to be over for a very long time.

Yesterday was my last day as an Intern/Photographer for DHSZ, and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that it’s over… It’s sad, it’s exciting, it’s crazy. 11 months I’ve spent working in Suzhou with my desk in the AMC Office, but, never again… Now that the 2015-2016 academic year is over, it’s time to start travelling. And I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll soon be getting on a flight to Bangkok, followed by an overnight train down through Thailand. It’s going to be hot. It’s going to be intense. It’s going to be awesome. This will be my 1st experience of Thailand, and I’ll return again in July.

Another thing was over yesterday. My chances of becoming a Trainee Medical Photographer with a starting date of September 1st. I was unsuccessful in my application process, but, on a plus side, I was informed that my interview was really strong, and I made it to the top 3 candidates. They even offered me work experience with them should I return to the UK. This now means my China adventures will continue in September as I make a new life for myself in Foshan. I’m disappointed, relieved, saddened, and pleased all at the same time. One thing I definitely am though, is determined. I now know where I want to go with my career, and this has given me the chance to realise that. I’m prepared to spend this next year in Foshan dedicating my spare time (when not travelling) to improving myself for this role. Reading research papers, doing online courses, finding books to read up on. All to ensure that if the opportunity comes again, I can be the top candidate, not just a Top 3…

We’re starting to board now, so, until next time! Let the summer of 2016 be kicked off with Thailand!

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