Getting Lost in Documentation

[Photo: a collage of some of my New Zealand photos from Dec. 2015 to give an overview of my time there]

Ok, so this blog post did not grow from a Post-a-Day Prompt, nor was it inspired by a wild and wonderful adventure. I don’t quite know where it’s going to go; I’ll figure that out along the way, I guess that’s how some authors work right? They don’t always know where their characters will end up, they don’t know what the grand finale will be, it’s just as much a surprise to them as it is to us, the reader.

I’ve been wondering for a couple of days what my next blog post will be about, I was starting to worry that without some amazing travel experience, I have nothing to say. When I started this blog, it wasn’t about that. Truthfully, when I started this blog, I was struggling to internally process some things, (mainly the whole Medical Photographer opportunity/moving to Foshan on my own), and I was able to just write and write with relative ease. I’d sit at my desk in work, and, shamefully, with such little photographic work left at the end of the academic year, I was able to spend some of my time tapping away at my school laptop and post a “blog-a-day”. Now I’m not at work, I’m sat on a friend’s sofa, surrounded by no one and nothing apart from my music, I’ve been struggling for inspiration, and the words haven’t been flowing as easy as before. My last post was easy, Thailand. Who wouldn’t be able to write a (relatively long) blog post about 5 days in that beautiful country? This one however, is very different. This one is much more personal, and goes back to Continue reading

Awe: 23rd June Prompt


a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.

Awe is such a perfect word to write about and think of right now, and that definition explains it all. I used to think I was in awe of travellers, explorers and globetrotters, and I guess I still am. But now I think I’m more in awe of the countries themselves, not the people landing on the airport runway. And when I say countries, I mean everything that they contain; the culture, the locals, the food, the sights, the unique nature and environment of each place. I don’t want to just repeat the definition, but as I said, it sums it up so perfectly. I’m filled with wonder, with a small, but very real, spark of fear, of the many many different countries I’ve not yet been privileged enough to step foot in. The fear and wonder is one of those crazy mixed up emotions that fills me up, right to the brim, but it’s so intertwined with such a strong raging excitement, that it’s hard to contain. I feel so passionately about this and one of my favourite words Continue reading

It’s over. Time to start…

So, I’m going to be quite quiet on the Blog front for a few weeks. I’m going to try and do mini updates every now and again, but they’re just going to be from my phone, so nothing fancy.

I’m currently sat under the strongest wind blowing machines I’ve ever experienced in Shanghai PVG airport. It’s almost 6am, and we were picked up at 1am. So it’s already been a long day, and it’s not going to be over for a very long time.

Yesterday was my last day as an Intern/Photographer for DHSZ, and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that it’s over… It’s sad, it’s exciting, it’s crazy. 11 months I’ve spent working in Suzhou with my desk in the AMC Office, but, never again… Now that the 2015-2016 academic year is over, it’s time to start travelling. And I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll soon be getting on a flight to Bangkok, followed by an overnight train down through Thailand. It’s going to be hot. It’s going to be intense. It’s going to be awesome. This will be my 1st experience of Thailand, and I’ll Continue reading

Vinyl, pen, film – Wrong era…

[Picture: one of my most loved and treasured photos taken on medium format film.]

Discover Challenges – Analog

I was always one of those teenagers who moaned about being born in the wrong era, the wrong decade, the wrong time…


I love the sound and feel of a vinyl record; I love the motion of gently placing the needle onto the spinning disk, the slight scratch of it finding a groove to slip into. I was lucky enough to have parents with (above) decent taste in music, and inherited tapes and records ranging from The B-52’s, Whitesnake, AC/DC, Ironmaiden, Thunder, Rainbow, The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack and countless others. I have my own record player in my room back in Wales, and my own basket and boxes of record albums, and singles ready to be played when I return home. I’m not saying I’m a solely record girl, I have my iPod which I would be lost without, I have mini speakers, and I have a stack of CD’s, I’m still not down with the kids in the way of downloading music though however, I’m just not a download fan…

There are a lot of people out there, my age, younger, older, which enjoy the simple pleasures of listening to their favourite record on a spinning table with a needle gliding along the furrows. There are also, unfortunately, a lot of people, mainly my age, who only like the way it looks, and makes them look. These people Continue reading

Struggle: 14th June Prompt

[Photograph taken in Siem Reap, Cambodia in one of the temples]


- make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint 
  or constriction.
- engage in conflict.
- strive to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty 
  or resistance.
- have difficulty handling or coping with.
- make one's way with difficulty.

I have become very familiar with this word over the past year, I don’t think I ever used it much BC [Before China], but here, it becomes one of your most used words and phrases (#OhChina and all that). A little struggle or challenge is something most people look for in life, something that creates a little resistance in the everyday trawl. Something to engage, test and push yourself to become a better, or maybe just a more experienced individual.

The struggle is real.” Candice uses this phrase a lot, and in consequence (they do say you pick up from your surroundings), so do I. Some struggles are good, as I said, they Continue reading

Rain rain [you didn’t] go away…

[Photo taken at The Great Wall of China, Feb 2016 
- reminding me what blue skies look like]
Today I’m afraid, this isn’t the most exciting blog post (I apologise for that now), and it isn’t directly linked to the Prompt-a-day, although it could I guess [ Simplicity], but after doing some more packing, watching a number of films while marooned on the sofa, I still felt good about my bike ride through the storm, so wanted to make note of it…

Here in Suzhou it is hot, muggy but somehow dull and bright all at the same time. Makes no sense right? After going for brunch with Leah at the lovely Miss Pancake this morning, binge watching some New Girl and Game of Thrones, it was finally time for me to get on my bike, literally, ride to school, and test the 5k route that the geography teacher had made up for the Race for Life event tomorrow. I put on my exercise leggings and a vest top ready to tackle the heat, and made my way out of the apartment complex all prepped with water, music, and map. I made it two streets over and that was when I felt the first little spittle of rain fall down from the grey sky above, and land on my bare arm. I sat waiting for the Continue reading