Packing. Packing into bags. Packing into boxes. Packing into suitcases. Taking things down from walls. Doing things for the “last time”. Saying goodbye to views. Saying goodbye to places. Knowing that your time with friends Is coming to an end. Trying to fit in everything from Suzhou into the next 3/4 weeks. That’s what life is right now. For mum? Even worse. Ready to say a final farewell after 4 years. She’s ready. She’s sooo ready. But still. When everything you do is a “last”, kind of takes its toll.

I’ve felt like I’ve been in some weird, not so little, bubble since I arrived here back in August. People ask me “What’s it like living in China?!”, so much excitement and curiosity in their face. All shattered to the ground when I reply: “It’s good. Just like living anywhere, but everyone’s Chinese…” I guess that’s not 100% true. Some weird stuff goes on here. Most recent, and cruel, example is of a man walking around with a turtle hanging by its foot from a stick. Selling it for, presumably, food. There are the typical things that shock, and sometimes disgust, on first arrival in China (I don’t feel I need to go into detail here, anyone who has spoken to my mother, or even stepped foot in the big and, yes, beautiful country, will know what I’m talking about). And then there is the obvious issue of crowds. Crowds EVERYWHERE. But. You know what? I’m used to it all. Maybe used to it is not the right word. But, I’ve accepted it. Would I want Wales to take some notes and adapt to be more like China? Hell no. But, while I’m here. I accept it. I don’t notice it. It doesn’t bother me. Only on the odd day, when I’m really having a #OhChina day, but thankfully, they have been far and few between.

Back to the bubble. It’s a very large bubble. A huge un-poppable Dulwich sized bubble. Maybe if I was in a different situation, more like Shelby’s. Working in a smaller school, and living in a much more traditional, local community, it would definitely be a different experience to the one I have had this year. Although that wouldn’t necessarily pop my big Western bubble, it might just change its shape to a more Chinese smaller bubble. But, a bubble none the less. I guess we all live in various shaped and sized bubbles thought right? At home, at 36, I suppose I was in a bubble then. Only then, my bubble stretched as far as Bangor on weekends, and Chester on weekdays for work. It was a nice little mesh of Tempest, The Craig-ard Hotel, Oakwood, Nana & Grampa’s, and, very briefly, the pet rescue center. Not forgetting my fury faced little friend to keep me company in this bubble. (Brain, my bunny, that’s a shout out to you.)

Stay with me here while I get very metaphorical… Perhaps. Just perhaps. Life is just a chain of different bubbles of life and experiences. Bubbles all stuck together with… (with what? A thin layer of washing up liquid?) Helping you slide with ease into the next bubble of your life. Sometimes maybe not with ease, sometimes it’s a struggle, but you get there none the less.

Well… that’s enough of that. I’ve now got images in my head of a string of bubbles floating from a sink in a Disney movie (like the crossover episode of Family Guy), each one filled with the faint image of a different stage of my life…

I think it’s clear to say, my brain is NOT being mentally stimulated enough recently for me to come up with that load of crap! But hey. I like the metaphor. I’m coming so close to filling this bubble I’m currently in, and with what I plan on fitting in over the next couple of months, I’ll be amazed if it doesn’t pop! But, I’m excited to start and move into my new bubble in September. Wherever it may be. I’m ready…

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