Post #1 – Why now?


Why, after years of family members asking me to write a blog, have I decided to finally take the plunge and set up my own feed? Well. I think honestly, it’s because I’m being faced with a huge, possibly life changing opportunity and decision, and I don’t know how to process it. Although I may not be known for being the best at writing or reading, lets face it, my mother and father poured all that into the first born, Sam. But I do find that once I start writing, I tend not to be able to stop, for a very. Long. Time… (Yes. All I can hear is the Criminologist from Rocky Horror saying those three words). Unfortunately, unlike my sister, this writing is not filled with exciting characters or fantasy adventures, just the inner ramblings of my pea sized head. I used to write a lot of letters. I’d sometimes send them to whoever they were intended for. But often, they would go unread, unsent, and mostly disposed of. Last year, I actually managed to keep a diary of some-sorts. I did not write in it every day. Just when I needed to process something, or get something out of my head. Who would have thought, little illiterate Charlie would find comfort and solitude in the written word.

So please, excuse my long-winded trains of thought, my repetitive ramblings and probably boring subjects. This is just the contents of my head, poured out into the great wide web…

One thought on “Post #1 – Why now?

  1. mary teal says:

    You are not illiterate you just found it difficult to write down what you wanted to say and I must noe say that you ha e none of those problems now. Your writing is very good and comes from the ❤. Don’t put yourself down you have other talents…but I like the way you write….so there…❤❤


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