Blank: 30th May Prompt

I am going to attempt to follow the WordPress: Prompt-a-day tag where each morning (unfortunately American time) they publish a new word which the bloggers of the WordPress world are challenged to write a blog post inspired by that word. Yesterday, Monday 30th May, the word was Blank. As I stated, they are released as the American population awaken from their slumber, so being on China time here, I will be doing completing these for the previous day’s word.


  1. (of a surface or background) unrelieved by decorative or other features; bare, empty, or plain.
  2. showing incomprehension or no reaction.

Blank. Blank makes you, by definition; think of emptiness, of something that is missing or lacking. Blankness can be one of the most intimidating things. For writers; a blank word document or notebook page. For Artists; a blank canvas or sketchbook. For office workers; a blank email or form. For tattooists: a blank stretch of skin. For Photographers; a blank roll of film or a memory card. For Travellers; a blank page on the calendar… I must admit. I struggle with all of the above. I may not be an established writer, artist, office worker, tattooist, photographer or traveller. But we all struggle with filling in the blanks of
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Grab a cuppa. Let’s talk time…

Okay, this is a long one, so get comfy, grab a cuppa and maybe a biscuit or two…

How can 2 days go so quickly? Time is a set factor in life. It does not change. 48hours. Saturday and Sunday. But somehow Friday only seems like yesterday. Weekends always go so quick don’t they. Thankfully the past few weeks I have been making the most of these sweet sweet 48 hours.

Working in the AMC office has led to me working many weekends due to such things as Entrance Exams, Open Days, Marketing events etc. (And basically anything that goes on on the weekends that need to be photographed!) Over the past few months, they have been non-stop. Back in February we had a run of 5 weeks of having to work at least one day over the weekend. [Then Sam, Dean, Han & Soph were over, so I had 3 weekends of no work. Yay!] But then it was back to work and another Saturday was spent running around school for an open day. I’ve started to stick up for myself and my time a little more over the past month. I appreciate that it’s not only me who is having my weekends taken away, but as an intern, and on 4000rmb a month, I’ve slowly become more and more Continue reading

It’s Friday.

First of all. The photo accompanying this post is not from today. Today it is grey, rainy, miserable, but hot and humid! AKA. Gross. 

It’s Friday. F-R-I-D-A-Y. Fri-YAY! It’s a Personal Development day in work today for all teaching staff. So. As I’m a desk jockey. I get to miss out on all the meetings and talks etc. but I still have to be here. At my desk. With reallyyy not that much to do today. I’ve just sat and cried laughing at a Buzzfeed post of autocorrect fails. My god they made my Friday. If you want a good (and sometimes inappropriate) laugh I urge you to read this post you will not regret it!

Anyway. Back to my productive life (lol). Mum’s shipping gets picked up tomorrow. That’s kind of crazy and scary all at the same time. 8 boxes and one folder. All packed up, padded out and taped to the high heavens ready to be sent across the globe back to 36…. [I’ve added a few more dots here, as it was brought to my attention from Dad & Nat that it could be misread as 36.4 years… so…]. 4 years of life Continue reading


Packing. Packing into bags. Packing into boxes. Packing into suitcases. Taking things down from walls. Doing things for the “last time”. Saying goodbye to views. Saying goodbye to places. Knowing that your time with friends Is coming to an end. Trying to fit in everything from Suzhou into the next 3/4 weeks. That’s what life is right now. For mum? Even worse. Ready to say a final farewell after 4 years. She’s ready. She’s sooo ready. But still. When everything you do is a “last”, kind of takes its toll.

I’ve felt like I’ve been in some weird, not so little, bubble since I arrived here back in August. People ask me “What’s it like living in China?!”, Continue reading

My first, and what will probably be, my longest entry.

So, I could be staying in China. Yes! A really real new start. Can’t get any newer, crazier, scarier or more exciting than heading down to Foshan, on my own, in August, to live in my own little studio apartment (yes provided for me by the company), paying bills, living on my own. That is CRAY CRAY. And I’m so bloody excited to start that journey. It will be so big and different compared to anything I have ever done before. It’s daunting, but maybe not as daunting as it should be? I feel like I can handle it and I’ll be fine. Hopefully I’d be more than fine. Hopefully I’ll find my place in Foshan, live and thrive there, make new friends, put myself out there, actually do things and make the most of it. It would be another year away from the UK, another year in China, another year where I’m able to Continue reading

Post #1 – Why now?


Why, after years of family members asking me to write a blog, have I decided to finally take the plunge and set up my own feed? Well. I think honestly, it’s because I’m being faced with a huge, possibly life changing opportunity and decision, and I don’t know how to process it. Although I may not be known for being Continue reading